Facebook Scammers Trick “What’s New on FarmVille Page”

Facebook scammers are taking advantage of FarmVille’s popularity again to trick users into taking surveys by luring them with a news page for the game.

Few days back, FarmVille was the most popular game on Facebook, and even though it has been overthrown by CityVille, it still has tens of millions of active players.

A viral scam spreading on Facebook touts a page called “What’s New on FarmVille?” that tries to coerce you into spamming all of your friends on the site and then completing a survey that would pay a commission to the scammer.

A slightly novel twist in this particular rogue application: It asks you to create a post for your wall about the app. After you click “publish,” the message intended for your own wall also goes onto your friends’, and the next screen presents you with the bait and switch: The offer of 200 Farm Cash.

The page asks whether you’d like to accept the reward, and if you click “yes,” then a menu of six different surveys shows up in the next window. All possible choices are exercises in trying to wheedle your personal information. Completing any of the questionnaires supposedly enters you in a drawing for the previously promised Farm Cash.

And while you’re completing the questions, the application has the opportunity to download malware onto your machine, like our friends at Facecrooks said when they first pointed out this scam last night. So if you or one of your friends has been expsed to this application, be sure to uninstall it from your Facebook profile using the security settings in the upper-right hand corner of your screen.

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