How to Embed YouTube Videos On Your Website

If you want to add videos on your website then the best solution is upload your video into YouTube(it will keep you away from expensive server cost and media buffereing issue) and then embed into your webpage.

Video embeding on the website is not too hard, it can done by anyone who has basic knowledge html. By following some easy steps you will be able to embed youtube video.

Steps for Embed Youtube videos into webpage:

Step 1- Go to YouTube video which you want to embed into your website.

Step 2- Click on share link below the video. Then you will get three more options.


Step 3- Once you click then you will get three more options according to sahring type. For example if you want share current video on facebook and twitter or you want to send this video into mail etc.


Step 4- Click on Embed link then you will find embed code copy this code and paste on the html page where you want to put this video.



Not only this you can also make the changes into height and width of the video.


You can try other options as above related to youtube player which is embeded on your website. I hope you like this small but useful topic.

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