Ghostery For Controlled Privacy

On various websites, there are 3rd party scripts which are tracking us(for serving Ads, display content etc..).
Ghostery is a browser extension tool available for all major browsers(Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer) as well as a standalone app available for iOS. It scans the web page for trackers – scripts, pixels, and other elements – and notifies you of the companies whose code is present on the webpage you are visiting. Usually, these trackers aren’t visible, and they are often hard to find in the page source code. Ghostery allows you to learn more about these companies and their practices, and block the page elements from loading if the user chooses.

1- Block how you want, when you want
With this tool/extension, you will have option to choose whether you want to block tracker by tracker, site-by-site, or a mixture of the two. Pause blocking for those moments when you’d like to disable it altogether.

2- Use Ghostery on Every Browser and Every Device
Ghostery is available for nearly every device and browser.

3- Simple, easy-to-use interface
Robust and convenient privacy tool that everyone can use.

4- In-depth Tracker Profiles
Use Ghostery’s tracker profiles to educate yourself about the companies that are tracking you.

5- Click-to-Play Replacement of Commonly-Blocked Usable Content
blocked trackers like Google, Facebook and Twitter buttons, as well as commenting systems, video players and sound widgets, will be readily available to use as you scroll through content normally.

6- Largest tracker database on the internet and constantly growing