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ManyContacts is an attention-grabbing free contact form that sits on top of your website and helps to convert visitors into qualified leads and, ultimately, customers.

Who uses ManyContacts?
ManyContacts was designed to help owners of all kinds of websites to increase conversion rate through the collection and qualification of contacts. Most of our users fall into one of these four categories:
– E Commerce sites use it to grow their customer bases and sell more products
– Freelancers, small businesses and service providers use it to get in contact with qualified leads
– Web agencies use it to optimize conversion rate on clients’ websites
– Bloggers and News sites use it to increase sign-ups and grow their subscriber lists

1- Easy Installation
No need for a developer; simply copy/paste the embed code onto your website
2- Spam free
Anti-Spam technology saves you time and keeps your contact list clean by removing fake email addresses
3- Export
Simple one-click exports for easy management of your new contacts.
4- Incentive-Ready
Easily offer potential customers a custom coupon code or other incentive in exchange for signing up
5- Customizable
Integrates beautifully with your existing website design
6- Lead Enhancement
Easily judge the potential of a contact through data enhancement and visual lead qualification

How does a typical user benefit from ManyContacts?
Here are two ways that our users have increased their conversion rate by using ManyContacts:
1) One of our most successful customers sells financial certification training courses online. They use ManyContacts to grab the visitor’s attention without interrupting their experience on the site and offer a free training test in return for an email address. Behind the scenes, they have a sales team in place who can then get in touch and turn
that lead into a paying customer.
2) Many of our customers are eCommerce site owners. The best ones use the ManyContacts contact form to offer an incentive (usually a discount code) in return for an email address. Not only does this help them to sell more products, it also helps them to build a larger customer base.

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