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Facebook Sliceing Out of Google’s Ad Revenue

As the social network steams past 650 million global users, its business is looking more like Google’s in that the majority of its ad sales now come from small- and medium-size companies that make use of its self-serve ad system, a model that turned Google into a $200 billion behemoth during the

Rogue Facebook apps can now access your home address and mobile phone number

A security expert has warned that users should remove their home addresses and phone numbers from their Facebook accounts. According to Graham Cluley said the website now gives third parties access to that information. The website said in a blog post at the weekend that it would give developers of applications access

What is Koobface Worm

Koobface is a computer worm that targets users of the social networking websites Facebook , MySpace, hi5, Bebo, Friendster and Twitter. Koobface is designed to infect Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, but also works on Linux (limited fashion). Koobface ultimately attempts, upon successful infection, to gather login information for FTP sites,

Facebook Scammers Trick “What’s New on FarmVille Page”

Facebook scammers are taking advantage of FarmVille’s popularity again to trick users into taking surveys by luring them with a news page for the game. Few days back, FarmVille was the most popular game on Facebook, and even though it has been overthrown by CityVille, it still has tens of millions of

Fake Anti-Virus Keygen Steals Information

A security researchers from Kaspersky lab found a keygen for Kaspersky product which bundeled with trojan and steal information from users system. This keygen was recently spotted on file sharing websites and promises to generate serial keys for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010, Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and Kaspersky Simple Scan 2010. This Trojan

16 million blogs hosted on as of December 2010 blogs are very popular. WordPress has recently updated its stats page and they show a very interesting trend, has been growing like never before. According to stats page wordpress are now 16 million blogs hosted by the service, up from only 10 million at the start of last year. What’s

Play Videos in Google Docs Now

Patrick Lacz, Software Engineer Announced: “Happy New Year! We’re starting this year by making it easier to view memories from 2010 that you’ve uploaded to your document list directly in your browser. Just click on a video in a supported format and press play.” That means Google Docs has just introduced support

Hackers Sell Thousands of Stolen iTunes Accounts on Chinese eBay

While roaming on internet i got news about iTunes from GlobalTimes. For merely 200 yuan ($30) a pop, an Internet user in China can purchase up to $200 worth of digital products at Apple Inc’s vast music, movie and applications vault. Far from being a benevolent offer by the fruit-favoring giant, this

RIM offers interception solution using Cloud Computing to India

According to India Times, RIM has informed the government via a letter that it is ready to receive and process lawful interception requests through the new system. According to reports that RIM has provided a cloud-based solution to the Indian government that would allow its national security agencies to access encrypted BlackBerry

Email Authentication Available for Google Apps Customers

Google has been an early and consistent supporter of email authentication technologies, which help ensure senders are who they say they are, and in turn help to curb spam. Since google launched Gmail in 2004, and supported email-signing standards such as DomainKeys and DomainKeys Identified Mail (which is knows as DKIM) to