16 million blogs hosted on WordPress.com as of December 2010

WordPress.com blogs are very popular. WordPress has recently updated its stats page and they show a very interesting trend, WordPress.com has been growing like never before. According to stats page wordpress are now 16 million blogs hosted by the service, up from only 10 million at the start of last year. What’s even more surprising is that the growth mostly happened in the last few months.

    Following are the some stats:

  • 16 million blogs hosted on WordPress.com as of December 2010.
  • According to Quantcast, over 260 million people worldwide visit one or more WordPress.com blogs every month, and they view over 2.3 billion pages on those blogs each month.
  • Below is a break down of the top 20 languages:
  • English 66%
    Spanish 8.7%
    Portuguese 6.5%
    Indonesian 3.5%
    Italian 2%
    German 1.8%
    French 1.4%
    Russian 1.1%
    Vietnamese 1.1%
    Swedish 1.0%
    Turkish 0.8%
    Dutch 0.8%
    Greek 0.7%
    Polish 0.5%
    Thai 0.4%
    Hungarian 0.4%
    Mongolian 0.3%
    Arabic 0.3%
    Norwegian 0.2%
    Bulgarian 0.2%

  • 500,000 new posts on an average day and 400,000 new comments every day.

Sources : WordPress Stats Page