Misconceptions and Common Mistakes of Website Design

Within today’s market of search engines, clever algorithms and large marketing budgets; poorly designed websites and bad search engine optimisation and advertising practices need to be stopped. A successful website can help transform your business into a profitable venture; unfortunately a huge majority of websites fall into a number of very obvious pitfalls.
Online stepping stones the provider of simple affordable web solutions is here to help by highlighting some of the most common blunders and misconceptions made by small businesses, entrepreneurs and personal website owners.

Common mistakes and misconceptions

1. Inappropriate link exchanges severely reduce your websites credibility and are extremely detrimental to your search engine rankings. Websites need to be vetted before you exchange links with them; related content is the key.

2. Don’t become obsessed with new visitors; always remember that in order to succeed you need to draw repeat visits and by doing this you will automatically increase your appeal to a larger target audience.

3. Don’t assume that visitors will purchase anything on their first visit to your site; most visitors will compare your product with others in the market and then make a calculated decision relating to who they will purchase from.

4. A website that is designed correctly can easily become very profitable, try to keep everything simple, clear and user friendly. This will help you implement future enhancements and ensure that you have a solid foundation to work from.

5. Always test your site before going live, this sounds simple but you would be truly shocked by the amount of silly mistakes that can be made during the implementation of a web application. Once you think your finished start testing.

6. Constructive feedback is probably one of your most valuable resources you will have access to; listen to the users problems and issues and try to find solutions quickly.

7. Never complicate processes especially payment processes; websites should be user friendly, clear and concise. If you can complete your process using two steps then there is no need to add additional steps to complicate things.

8. Always keep your content updated because this installs and establishes credibility for your whole organisation.

9. Try to give your website extra value by writing articles or starting a well managed Blog but always remember the golden rule of related content.

10. Use your expertise to leverage additional value for your website. If you are lucky enough to be considered an expert then use this to your advantage and write about it, produce a booklet and get it out on the market.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it has helped. Please feel free to visit online stepping stones the provider of simple affordable web solutions for all your broadband, hosting, domain name registration and marketing needs.

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