How to Sell on Flipkart


Do you want to sell on Flipkart? Dont worry it’s not a tough job. Selling on is easy and absolutely free.

As you know Flipkart marketplace is India’s one of the largest platform for selling online. If you are looking to sell online on Flipkart then it’s good decession because your products will be visible to 18 million flipkart users and your local business will be nationwide. So here i will guide you how to become a seller on Flipkart.

How to become a seller on Flipkart?

Before filling online application for selling on Flipkart, you must keep following information with you because these information will require at the time of registration.

  • Your name, email id and mobile number.
  • Name of city from where products will be pick up.
  • Your registered company name.
  • Your estimated annual revenue.
  • Do you have your own website where you sell your products?
  • Do you already sell on other online marketplaces?
  • How many retail outlets do you own?
  • What is the nature of your current business?
  • What are the categories of products you want to sell ?
  • What are the brands you want to sell?

Now register on Flipkart as seller.

Documents Required for selling on Flipkart:

For selling online on Flipkart you must have following documents:

  • PAN Card
  • You must have TIN/CST number with proof documents.
  • Bank account number with IFSC code.
  • KYC documents(ID Proof, Address Proof, and Cancelled cheque)

After submission of your application, FLipkart team will contact you within 7days for varification and then you will get approval. Once you will get approval you can upload your products one by one or bulk upload. Flipkart support team will guide you further upload process and pricing structure.

What are the Charges:

There is no charge on product listing on Flipkart. They will charge you small commision amount once you get any order. And these comision charges are vary category to category. For more details check Flipkart pricing structure.

Logistic Support:

You also need not to worry about shipment of products becuase Flipkart also provides logistic support to all sellers and there charges are very low in compare to other logistic providers.

For other information or FAQ you can check here.