Free and Open Source Invoicing System

Many of us don’t know about there are good invoicing and billing software avaliable for Free which is open osurce and you can install it on your own server without paying single bucks.

These Free invocing and billing  software will help Freelancer, self-employed and small to medium sized companies which need a reliable and easy to use invoicing system but who can’t afford an expensive software.


Free Invoice Tool InvoiceHome

InvoiceHome is an ultra simple invoice generator created with freelancers and small businesses in mind. It is designed to offer ultimate simplicity and ease of use. Choose from over 100 invoice templates and get paid quickly. When you need a simple invoice too without any fuss, InvoiceHome is the number one choice.

– 100+ templates: InvoiceHome has a huge selection of custom invoice templates to choose from.
– Custom logo: add your company logo to your invoice for a professional appearance.
– Send via Email: InvoiceHome makes it easy to deliver your invoices so you can get paid now.
– Payment gateways: PayPal, and Stripe support.
– Automatic backup: Your billing history is important, InvoiceHome keeps a backup.
and more!

Invoice Plane


Invoice plane is the one of the best invoicing open source web application. The main idea behind the InvoicePlane software is the creation of an application you host on your own server and use it for basic invoicing and client management.


  1. InvoicePlane is a solid app to manage your complete billing circle: from quotes over invoices to payments.
  2. The application provides CRM-like management for your clients. Enter contact details, notes or add custom fields.
  3. You can customize InvoicePlane to make sure it fits your needs: amount formats, email and PDF templates and many more.
  4. InvoicePlane is fully translated into 23 languages by community members and more languages are coming soon.
  5. One click online payments. Let your clients use PayPal to pay the invoices. Online, with just one simple click.

And it is Installed more than 30.000 times in 180 countries. You can also check InvoicePlane Demo.


siwappFree Online Invoicing Software

Siwapp also an Free and open source web application meant to help manage & create invoices in a simple, straightforward way. This web application will also be able to work as a module -interconnected through its API- to many other business management applications which takes care -the easy way- only of the billing of the company.


  1. Obtain printable pdf versions of the invoices, with a professional look & feel.
  2. Save drafts of your invoices and continue editing them later.
  3. Manage invoices with different serial numbers.
  4. Meets all your privacy and security requirements, and allows you to backup your data on your computer at any time.
  5. Bill from any internet connection enabled place using a secure & restricted access.
  6. Automatically generate invoices on a periodic basis.

Open Source Billing


Open Source Billing is a simple web application to create and send invoices, receive payments, manage clients and companies. It generates reports of Item sales, payments, and collected revenues. It supports multi languages and multi currencies. This application is developed in Ruby on Rails v4.1.8. and Ruby v2.0.0.


  1. Create and send invoices to your clients.
  2. Create and send estimates to your clients.
  3. Create/Manage expenses
  4. Time Tracking for running projects.
  5. Generate invoice from project log hours.
  6. Convert estimate to invoice.
  7. Recurring invoices.
  8. Receive payments against sent invoices.
  9. Partial payments tracking.
  10. Receive payments through Paypal and credit card.
  11. Invoice dispute handling
  12. Manage billing for your multiple sister companies under one account
  13. Export invoices/estimates to PDF
  14. Generate Reports


Invoice Ninja

InvocieNinja is a powerful tool to invoice clients online and one of the best online invocing system. It is not completely Free but yes with some limited features it is free. Invoice Ninja best part is you need not manage installation & upgrades all this will come as SAAS(software as a service) based.


  1. Custom Branding – Build trust. Email clients their invoices from!
  2. Quotes Convert to Invoices for Payment
  3. Customize Invoices With Your Company Logo
  4. Customize Email Subjects & Body Text
  5. Customize Colors to Match Your Brand
  6. Attach Invoice .PDFs to Emails
  7. Create Quotations & Pro-Forma Invoices
  8. Password Protect Client-Side Portals
  9. Create & Email Invoices with One-Click
  10. Email Invoices & Accept Payments Online
  11. 45+ Payment Gateway Options Supported
  12. Create Recurring Invoicing & Auto-Bill Clients
  13. Create Project Tasks & Track Time Online
  14. Client-Side Portal & Invoices History
  15. Accept Deposits & Partial Payments
  16. Invoice Payment Auto-Reminder Emails
  17. Alerts When Client Views & Pays Invoices
  18. Real-time Invoice .PDF Creation
  19. Item & Product Library System
  20. Tax Settings per Item or Invoice Total
  21. Multiple Currencies & Languages Supported
  22. Professional Invoice Template Design

I hope this post will help you. If you have any other good invoicing software please share here on comments.


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