Google Chrome 10 Stable Released

Google Chrome 10 has been released to the stable version, now everyone can use it. The latest version of the popular browser has been in development for a couple of months and has been in beta for the past three weeks.

Software Engineer Tim Steele wrote On the google offical blog:
Chrome’s new settings interface will help you get to the right settings quickly so you don’t have to dig endlessly to find a way to import your bookmarks or change your browser’s homepage. We’ve added a search box that shows you the settings you’re looking for, as you type. On top of that, you can also copy and paste a direct link into Chrome’s address bar to jump to a specific settings page.

Here’s the new settings interface in action:

For those of you who save your passwords in the browser, you can now quickly log on to the websites you frequent even when you switch computers, by simply synchronizing those passwords across your computers. You can also encrypt those passwords with your own secret passphrase for extra security. To enable sync on each of your computers, visit the “Personal Stuff” section in Chrome’s settings (or just type “sync” in the settings search box). You can also choose to sync bookmarks, extensions, preferences, themes and more.

Finally, you’ll be even safer as you speed around the web, as we’ve extended Chrome’s sandboxing technology to the integrated Flash Player in Chrome. you’ll benefit from the additional layer of protection against malicious webpages.

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