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Our online Facebook chat doesn’t require you to “install” anything on your computer so is ideal for work or school. Wiltshire, England – Adding to its long list of successful Facebook applications for both Windows OS and BlackBerry mobiles, Athena IT Limited has released a browser-based version of Chit Chat for Facebook to bring cross-platform compatibility to their top-rated application.

The popularity of previous Chit Chat applications has prompted the IT firm to bring the benefits of dedicated Facebook messaging to a larger audience through a platform independent variation of the application. This version of Chit Chat is compatible with all major browsers and automatically scales to fit any screen. Users will be as comfortable with this Facebook Online Messenger on tablets as they are on desktops. Regardless of device brand or the operating system, user experience will be virtually identical on every device as a result of this integrated UI.

Compared to other Facebook chat web applications, Chit Chat provides a more polished and more beautiful presentation. Colors have been selected not just for easy readability, but also for their aesthetic qualities. Great care has been taken in terms of the shape, text, color, and size of every feature to ensure users can focus on what the application is meant to do and not on the application itself. The UI has clearly been designed to promote functionality as well aesthetics.

Daniel Offer, Managing Director, explains, “Chit Chat has always been designed with the user experience in mind. Our goal has been to make the interface as ‘invisible’ as possible, allowing users to focus their attention on chatting.” Users will agree that Chit Chat delivers on this promise. Every feature is logically located right where one would look for it.

Speaking directly to the needs of the user, the highly praised “tab” interface from previous versions of Chit Chat makes an updated appearance in the browser version. Tabs are designed to help users keep track of conversations, especially when speaking with multiple users. They bring all the functionality needed for chatting in highly dynamic tab icons that reduce clutter and free up valuable screen real estate. Tabs really show their worth on smaller screens.

Past renditions of Chit Chat have been praised for their levels of customization, something that has set them apart from the competition. The browser version brings with it many past customization options as well as some new features of its own. In true Chit Chat fashion, accessing customization options is a breeze, without the need to search through submenus and guess what heading a function might be listed under.

Users will find that most of the “top priority” Facebook features, like profile pictures and status updates, are accessible directly from Chit Chat. This continuity is just another piece of the “invisible interface” solution. As Mr. Offer points out, “We’ve added new features to Chit Chat to create functionality, not just to add features. We always ask ourselves what purpose a function serves before adding it. This way, we avoid redundancy and encourage streamlining, aspects of Chit Chat that have been appreciated in the past. The goal is to give users what they want without burdening them with features that add no value.”

For users wondering just what the newest version of Chit Chat offers over other Facebook messaging applications, a simple list shows a plethora of advantages.

  • Uncluttered, streamlined design
  • Logical and intuitive user interface
  • High degree of customization
  • Easy to navigate buddy list and messaging window
  • Highly dynamic tab solution for organizing multiple conversations has been updated and enhanced
  • Aesthetically pleasing

The browser version of Chit Chat for Facebook is 100% free and can be found by visiting

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