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Tumblr Raises $20 Million to $30 Million in Funding

Tumblr, the super-hot blogging service, has finished up a very, very big funding round that’s going to put the company’s value well above $100 million.’s Dan Primack reports that Sequoia is leading a round that will add “between $25 million and $30 million” in funding at a valuation “in the ballpark

Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta with Games, Facebook and Simultaneous Sign-ins

Yahoo has just announced the first beta of the upcoming Yahoo Messenger 11. The future version of the popular instant messaging client comes with a couple of big new features, social games and the possibility to keep up and chat with Twitter and Facebook friends, but also a few additions and updates

MySpace now come with Facebook Integration

MySpace made an inevitable announcement, it is now integrating several Facebook features and enabling users to either login with their Facebook credentials or link their two accounts. Today, Myspace announced Mashup with Facebook, a new feature that allows Myspace users to easily create a personalized stream of entertainment content. With a simple

How To Export All Your Facebook Friends Private Email Address

A few days ago some people asked Facebook finally allow us to download email addresses for all of our friends. Facebook says this isn’t allowed because you only own the data you add to Facebook, not data that your friends add. So facebook said that: “The most important principle for Facebook is

Planning a Web Design Strategy

The phrase “web design strategy means a range of different things to different people, and involves more than merely “design decisions. The term seems to imply that the issue is about color, page layout and the use of Flash animations. Yes, these factors are part of the big picture, but the “bigger

Misconceptions and Common Mistakes of Website Design

Within today’s market of search engines, clever algorithms and large marketing budgets; poorly designed websites and bad search engine optimisation and advertising practices need to be stopped. A successful website can help transform your business into a profitable venture; unfortunately a huge majority of websites fall into a number of very obvious