BitDefender Releases BitTorrent Scanner

BitTorrent users gain new functionality and ability to scan torrent files for malware using BitDefender’s security software.

BitDefender®, an award-winning provider of innovative internet security solutions, and BitTorrent Inc.,a technology company engineering transformative new products to accelerate the discovery, distribution and delivery of large files over the Internet, have partnered to safeguard users from malware when downloading media files across the Internet. The new Virus Guard application, available to millions of BitTorrent users, provides peace of mind as they explore open license movies, music, games and apps.

The Virus Guard app, powered by BitDefender’s industry-leading security technology, scans all torrent files to ensure they are malware-free. Available in the new BitTorrent App Studio, Virus Guard operates as a standalone security app that’s seamlessly incorporated into the BitTorrent and µTorrent clients to scan downloads once they’re completed. If malware is detected, the app flags the offending torrent and prompts users to sign up for a free trial of BitDefender’s security suite and remove the threat or the user can rescan their computer system using their existing antivirus solution. Virus Guard is one of many apps BitTorrent offers to enhance functionally and give users an exceptional experience.

“Security is a high priority for BitTorrent and our community, and we are very pleased to partner with BitDefender to give our users peace of mind knowing that they are being offered advanced anti-malware features,” said Claude Tolbert, vice president of business development for BitTorrent. “In early releases, the Virus Guard app has been overwhelmingly popular. Moreover, working with BitDefender means being part of a strong partnering culture, so we looked forward to implementing an anti-malware solution to keep BitTorrent users safe.”

“BitTorrent is a powerful and increasingly popular way for users to exchange content they value. Its increasing popularity has made third-party hosting sites a target for malware authors to try to infect users’ systems. By partnering with BitTorrent, we’re able to protect users proactively from malware and other e-threats before they are able to infect users’ computers,” said Peter Laakkonen, BitDefender’s general manager of OEM and technology licensing. “We’re excited to be part of BitTorrent’s new App Studio and contribute to an even better user experience by providing a safe computing environment for all users.”


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