Monthly Archive:: October 2010

How do Fake Anti Virus Malware and Scareware Work?

A fake anti virus program may first appear as a legitimate looking pop-up window that tells the user that they have a dangerous virus. They are then prompted to click to buy anti virus protection to sort out their system. There is, however, no virus at all but the advert contains a

Why do PC Users Fall for Fake Anti Virus Programs?

According to the Google study: “surprisingly, many users fall victim to these attacks and pay to register the fake anti-virus software.” These programs often succeed in duping PC users because they use scare tactics. Those that don’t have anti virus protection probably already know that they ought to. Seeing a message, especially

Yahoo! Mail Beta Rolls Out Worldwide

The revamped Yahoo Mail interface previewed last month is now available in beta form for everyone. The Yahoo Mail Beta is available to users worldwide and promises a speedier interface and a number of new features like social networking integration and even a “Priority Inbox” of sorts. Yahoo Mail Beta sports a

Planning a Web Design Strategy

The phrase “web design strategy means a range of different things to different people, and involves more than merely “design decisions. The term seems to imply that the issue is about color, page layout and the use of Flash animations. Yes, these factors are part of the big picture, but the “bigger

Misconceptions and Common Mistakes of Website Design

Within today’s market of search engines, clever algorithms and large marketing budgets; poorly designed websites and bad search engine optimisation and advertising practices need to be stopped. A successful website can help transform your business into a profitable venture; unfortunately a huge majority of websites fall into a number of very obvious