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PHP Interview Questions Part 1

Hi guys, here today i came with some PHP interview questions which is submitted by some of our blog readers. And i requesting you guys that if you have any interview questions which can help others please share with me. 1- What are the main error types in PHP and how do

MySQL Interview Questions Part 2

After writing interview questions for beginers, i am going to write some interview questions for experienced guys. Here i am picking up some questions which generally asked in interviews:   1- What is REPLCAE statement, and how do I use it? The REPLACE statement is the same as using an INSERT INTO command.

20 MySql Interview Questions for Beginers

MYSQL database is the one of the popular open source database used mainly with PHP and other online web aplications. I am going to give you some MySQL questions with answers which will help you in interview as well as brushup your MySQL sills with fast review of these questions. 1-What are