Social Media Update Last Week

Facebook Begins Rolling Out New News Feed Filters
Facebook has started rolling out new News Feed filters, allowing users to quickly navigate between recent stories related to games, status updates, photos, links and Pages. Users can also filter stories by Group and adjust the amount of news they receive from individual friends.

Foursquare Adds Photos & Comments
Location-based social network Foursquare released new versions of both its iPhone and Androidapps this week. Users can now attach photos to checkins, venues and tips, and comment on their friends’ checkins.

Craigslist Adult Services Shuts Down Worldwide
Craigslist’s Adult Services section, an online red light district that has been the subject of a great deal of controversy over the past few years, has been shut down worldwide, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal confirmed to the AP Tuesday.

Skype Down for 24 Hours (And Counting)
Skype went offline for many users beginning Wednesday morning. Although the service is now back up for an estimated 10 million users, many are still unable to access their calling accounts.

Bank of American Blocks WikiLeaks Payments
Financial giant Bank of America has added its name to the list of institutions dropping support for WikiLeaks by announcing that it has stopped handling any payments to or from the whistle-blowing website.

Twitter Users Capture the Lunar Eclipse
Observers of Monday night’s lunar eclipse took to Twitter to share photos of the event, which coincided with the winter solstice for the first time since 1638.

Tumblr Launches Curated Topic Pages
Tumblr launched three curated topic pages this week to help address the problem of discovery on the platform. The available pages, which are still in beta, include News, Fashion and Long-Reads.