How to Create Free Email For Your Custom Domain

Now a days email address existence is needed more then ever. The usability of the Email address is different for each person. For example a business person required these emails for communicate with their clients and stay updated with their staff and a student want email address for opening facebook and other social accounts.

For example, if you have a website with domain name then you can make your own email with your domain name like

As you know, those features these days already built-in when you purchase a hosting and domain. The service is called by webmail. If you bought, a large hosting space for example 1GB space and your website data is only about 200 MB, you have no worries to use the webmail service. But, how about the people who bought a small hosting space?

Zoho Mail

Then ZOHO Mail comes into picture for offering Free custom domain emails. Maybe this is a little bit strange for you who always play with Google Mail or Yahoo Mail. But believe me if you can trust them to be your custom email domain provider.

At their free service, you can register up to 1 custom domain for your email address. You can check the details about their great deals at

The Free plan comes with 25 free users or mailboxes of 5GB storage each. When you are in need of more than 25 users, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan wherein, all user mailboxes will be upgraded to the higher, paid plan storage along with additional features.

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