Clean Your Mac With a Simple Mouse Click

Keeping your computer clean and removing private data that might fall into the wrong hands, every single day, implies many repetitive tasks that one might not have the time or discipline to perform constantly. Black Hole allows you to bypass the process, offering some useful automation options.

There are many cleaning utilities designed to search your system’s library for files left behind after a certain application is removed. This feature is extremely useful but your Mac apps also store data in cache folders or log files that you don’t need, although you want to continue using the application that generated them.

On the other hand, the same files may contain enough personal information that you might not want to be accessible to other users that come across your computer. Even though you know the exact location of these files on your hard drive, taking the time to manually delete them every single day seems too much trouble. The solution in this case might be a small application called Black Hole.

Black Hole is a free and very powerful app that will allow you to clear sensitive information from your Mac with a single click. Black Hole helps you automate many operations such as quitting applications, emptying the Trash, removing recent items from application menus, and more.

– Quitting Applications
– Clearing Recent Items
– Emptying the Trash
– Unmounting Volumes

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