Monthly Archive:: February 2011

WordPress 3.1 Is Finally Out

A couple of months after the first release candidate came out, WordPress 3.1 is now finally available. WordPress 3.1 “Reinhardt” is named in honor of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Version 3.1 is available for download, or you can update from within your dashboard. This release features a lightning fast redesigned linking

Phishing Scam Spotted on Facebook

Phishing scams in Facebook. It’s not new and it’s not sophisticated. But they still catch the unwary and they’re still happening now, with only minor tweaks in tactics. Security researchers from F-Secure warn of a phishing scam targeting Facebook users and propagating through chat messages and wall posts. At 2010’s end, we

Twitter into more languages

Today twitter announcing a product that is a major step toward making Twitter more easily accessible by people around the world – the Twitter Translation Center. The Translation Center allows us to crowdsource translations from our passionate users in order to more quickly launch Twitter in additional languages. Translators will be translating

YouTube Videos Now 4X Faster than Just Six Months Ago

From the youtube blog: Few things can be more frustrating than waiting for what feels like years for that amazing video you just shot to finish uploading to the site so you can publish it and share it with your friends. Whether it’s the speed a video plays back, or the speed

Valentine’s Day Scams on Facebook

As you guys knows that valentine’s day is coming so, Some of the Security researchers warn that Facebook scammers have already started capitalizing on the upcoming Valentine’s Day by launching specifically-themed campaigns. It’s well know that the number of scams surges around major holidays, and not only on social networking sites, but

Reddit’s Interesting Challenges for Software Engineer Hires

Reddit announced: Earlier this week we announced four new hires, and today we’d like to get started on the next batch: We’re hiring three more engineers! Ideally, we’d like to get a frontend programmer, a backend programmer, and someone in between. Companies hire people all the time, well except Reddit, it’s kind

Facebook’s Real Time Comments Technology

Today facebook revealed technology behind the real time commenting system and creating a real-time commenting system for a site with 600 million people is no easy task. Only some of knows that Facebook quietly rolled out real-time comments a couple of weeks ago. At the time, users noticed that new comments on

WordPress 3.1 RC4 Released

WordPress 3.1 RC4 build includes the security fixes and enhancements included in 3.0.5 and addresses about two dozen additional bugs. This latest release should be the final step before the stable version comes out. WordPress 3.1 has been in release candidate phase for about a month and a half now. This includes

Instant Search for google Shopping and Hotpot

Instant results in the “Shopping” view Now you can shop faster than ever and get the speed of Google Instant when comparing prices, looking for nearby stores and learning about products you want to buy. For example, if you’re searching for a cast iron skillet, we’ll start showing you relevant pans as

Google Chrome 9 Released

From google blog i got information: Google Chrome 9 has now been pushed to the stable channel, marking the official release of the latest version of the popular browser. After a slight delay during the winter holidays, the team is back on schedule, releasing a stable release every six weeks. With such