Finally! Google’s Chrome App Store And Google Netbook Coming Next Week

Google has more or less confirmed the December 7 launch date for both the Chrome Web Store and, more exciting, Chrome OS. Google sent out invitations to an event for the date related to Chrome. The company isn’t saying much else, but, along with a couple of rumors that were flying around, it’s a safe bet that both of the highly expected products will be unveiled next week.

Earlier, separate rumors speculated about the launch of both the Web Store and Chrome OS. All Things D’s Media Memo, which has had some insider info about the Web Store before, reported that the Web Store was coming December 7.

That would be in line with Google’s latest adjusted plans. The Web Store was originally slated for an October launch, but was delayed. The latest rumors and indications pointed at an early December launch date.

Google Chrome 8, which comes with extensive support for Apps, landed yesterday. The Google Chrome 9 beta is now on its way. Apparently, the store will be launched for beta users first, so most people will only have access to it when Chrome 9 stable lands, mid-January next year.

Even more exciting news comes from Engadget. The gadget blog reported that a Google-branded Chrome OS netbook will be launched on December 7. This was before Google announced the event. Some leaked photos of the device have already been made available online.

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